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Patients who are already enabled with "My Chart" with Cedars Sinai Medical will be able to access their records. Patients who are not yet on "My Chart" will be enabled on their next follow up visit. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, it is due to us transferring to a new Medical Records System.

The web portal is part of the electronic medical record, which is used by Dr. Venuturupalli and his colleagues.  The web portal allows a very secure means of communicating electronically with the physician's office.  This can be used to set up appointments, cancel or change appointment, and also request refills and make other routine comments of queries to the office staff.  Additionally, laboratory work that has been performed in-house at the office can be viewed using the web portal. Unfortunately, specialiazed lab work that has been sent out to reference laboratories is currently not available for viewing through the web portal. This information can be requested from the office for those who are interested.  The information that is available can either be printed or electronically shared with other physicians or whoever the patient desires.

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Web Portal for APPLE or ANDROID devices.

How to interpret your lab results - OVERVIEW.

How to interpret your lab results - DETAILED.