Patient Testimonials

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He is straight forward and yet understands and respects my opinion or right to choose the type of tx I prefer. - C Y

Dr V consistently increases his capacity in regards to the new and evolving treatments. His consistent learning/research in rheumatology allow patients such as myself have more confidence and psychologically help with getting better. - K M

Sylvia, For all the years of incredible treatment, help and understanding... you are truly one of a kind! - Eric S

Dr. Venuturupalli is very Empathatic and he goes the extra mile to really help his patients. He recently called a colleague of his to find another physician that could help relieve my chronic pain. I love his staff too. Everyone is very caring and knowledgable. - Jenny S

Sylvia, Thanks for your patience and kindness over the years, and always going that extra mile when you knew I needed to see Dr. V. - Glennetta G

Sweet, gentle and patient. - Kathy C

Dr. Venuturupalli is very knowledgeable about my conditions and determined to get me the best treatment possible. - Steven Hoffman

He was generous with his time, and super compassionate. - Suzanne B

He is amazingly patient and very thorough. A FANTASTIC appointment !! - Patsy D

My daughter and I are deeply grateful for the intelligent, amazingly generous, compassionate soul you are. You left us speechless when you offered a procedure at cost. May all your kindness you extend be returned to you a thousand fold. Love and blessings. - Kathy C and L S

Dear sylvia, Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your being kind to me. You and Dr. V make a good team. Thanks a lot. - Pam D

Just a note to say thank you for helping me to enjoy my time in Italy. Moving, walking, as well as sitting on a plane, would have been very difficult - almost impossible. - M S

He is always so caring and takes such great care of my grandmother. The care she has received is top notch. - Anonymous

A very patient doctor who takes time listening to his patients... Would highly recommend him!! - Sorab R

He is truly an amazing physician who cares for the well being of his patients!! - Farnaz L

I was diagnosed with Polymyositis in 2003 and Dermatomyositis in 2006. I have been seeing Dr. Venuturupalli since 2007. Dr. Venuturupalli is very kind, always shows his concern and care about his patients. And the most important thing is that Dr. Venuturupalli. is very knowledgeable about these two rare immune system disorders that I have. I was referred to Dr. Venuturupalli by a patient friend in my Myositis Support Group in 2007 while I was experiencing a severe relapse of my illnesses and was looking for an experienced doctor. Later on, I also had referred other patient friends who had the same illnesses and were also at the same crossroad in looking for a good doctor to seek treatment by Dr. Venuturupalli. Besides Dr. Venuturupalli, the staff at the clinic are very cordial and professional, and the clinic looks very pleasant, too. I am happy that after seeking treatment by Dr. Venuturupalli for almost 5 years, my condition has been stabilized, and I am leading a pretty normal life nowadays. - Sharon Chow

Dr V has treated my wife with care and understanding. He has been able to control her condition and more than that, he has become a friend. The office staff is is friendly and efficient - David Taubman

I think all is good with Dr.V's office.  I love the people and the smile and laugh i got from Dr. V at my last appt and at every appointment. - Teda Bracci

I was referred to Dr. V by Dr. Grimes who said Dr. V is very good. She is absolutely right. Dr. V is very attentive and thorough; so is his PA, Corie.  After a long search, I feel I have found a doctor who will partner with me and my family through our different life stages.  - Shola Giwa

I had severe knee pain, and was in need of probable surgery, however was referred to Dr Venuturupalli for evaluation, and was provided a thorough examination and offered other treatment options, including injections which will defer any need for surgery for the time being.   He was very efficient, office was great, and I would recommend to others. - Anonymous

I started going to Dr Venturupalli's office for unexplained pain and rashes on my fingers, which he was able to diagnose and more so stabilize.  His office is always professional and warm, and if rated on a scale of 1-10, I would rate it a definite 10.  - Joy Taubman

I feel incredibly fortunate to be under the care of Dr. Swamy Venuturupalli. He is diligent, compassionate, and an "outside the box" thinker. He gives me hope, especially on those days where I sometimes feel "hopeless". In addition, he has the most wonderful staff, who always are accommodating, responsive and a pleasure to deal with. - Anonymous

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Venuturupalli and his practice to anyone who is seeking a rheumatologist. I have been impressed by both their professionalism and their willingness to respond to patients' individual needs. Whether you need help by telephone, email, or in person they are will and able to help you. - Anonymous, 46 year old female

My wife and I have been patient of Dr Venuturupalli for over 5 years. Our experience with him and his staff have been uniformly excellent. His enthusiasm, encouragement, and professionalism have been constant. While he is our doctor, we also consider him a friend. - Anthony Unger