Second Opnions and Referals

There are several reasons to consider a second opinion. Occasionally, I am consulted because someone has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and would like confirmation about their diagnosis. Sometimes, someone may need a new approach to their condition or would like to have access to a tertiary care medical Center for their medical care. Whatever the reason, I find these visits to be satisfying for both the patient and myself if a few simple procedures are followed. I recommend the following procedures to maximize the effectiveness of our time together.

1. Please call the office and let us know what the clnical question is
2. Please fax us any insurance information ahead of time. If you have an HMO or are paying cash for your visit, please discuss this with the office before hand.
3. Please  fax all the relevant clinical material to the office including prior consultations, labs, x rays, MRI’s etc. Bring a physical copy of X rays, CT scans and MRIs that are relevant to your case.
4. Please set up a pre visit phone confernece with Corinne Beniasians to go over the history and necessary information.